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What to Expect at Big Idea Family Chiropractic

The day of your initial appointment please allow enough time to not be rushed. Dr. Gomez and Dr. Liz take their time to truly understand each patient's individual needs for Chiropractic Care.

After typing your personal information into our computer system, you and Dr. Liz will have a consultation to discuss why you have decided to come to Big Idea Family Chiropractic. You will be discussing past and present health issues you may be experiencing, and injuries or traumas that may be associated with any or all the symptoms you may be feeling.

At the end of this consultation Dr. Liz will continue with a patient exam. In this exam more information is gathered through various ranges of motion, neurological tests, orthopedic tests, and manual palpation of the spine. At the end of this exam the Doctors will have a better understanding of what may be needed to determine the appropriate Chiropractic course of treatment.

Digital X-rays are then taken of your spine. To see is to know and to not see is to guess. In our office X-rays are vital. We will never do guess work with our patients' spines. Atlas Orthogonal has specific X-Ray views that need to be taken in order to determine if and how Atlas is misaligned. We take every precaution to limit the radiation exposure to the patient. Therefore, Dr. Gomez and Dr. Liz believe the risk is minimal to the accuracy of the misaligned Atlas.

Pregnant women are an exception to our X-Ray rule, though we will not be using Atlas Orthogonal until they are able to have X-Rays taken after giving birth, we will use our secondary low force Chiropractic Techniques after an initial Exam, to keep Mom's spine in alignment through out her pregnancy. This keeps Mom and baby healthy for an optimal birth experience. Dr. Gomez and Dr. Liz are both certified in the Webster Technique since 2022 and have taken numerous Pediatric Adjusting seminars from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

X-Rays are also on a case by case basis for children. If their Atlas misalignment is not clearing with the secondary  techniques used, we will take Cervical (neck) x-rays to be more specific with our Atlas correction. This can be scary to our little ones but the Doctors make it fun with help from Mom, Dad and even some of our stuffed animals to make your child feel happy and safe during the x-ray process. A consultation and exam is also given to each child regardless of X-Rays.

After X-Rays are taken Dr. Gomez will need time to analyze the films, review all the information talked about in the consultation, and time to determine the meaning of the results from your initial exam. You will then make a follow-up appointment to go over all the findings with Dr. Gomez and receive your first treatment at that time.